ACR Aviation Capacity Resources Switzerland AG

ACR Switzerland AG is a subsidiary of the Swedish Single European Sky Certified Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) ACR Sweden.

The Zug based company aims at providing Air Navigation Services (ANS) and advisory services for airports in Switzerland and the neighbouring regions.

Based on the ‘Swedish Model’ of operating regional ATS units in a streamlined, cost-efficient and safe way, ACR Switzerland supports all airports in their attempt to provide ANS that is tailor-made to its actual need. ANS Provision for an airport can include

  • Air Traffic Control (ATC)

  • Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS)

  • Mixed Mode Operations (ATC/AFIS mixed)

Airports often operate and pay for an ANS service that is over-dimensioned for the actual air traffic. With the experience of operating 14 ATS units, we can support any airports in determining the optimal type and scope of ANS required to operate the specific traffic on that airport safely and effectively.

Do you want to know more about how ACR Switzerland can help your airport to operate more cost-efficiently or are you interested in becoming an Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) or Aerodrome Flight Information Officer (AFISO), please contact:

Marek Bekier


ACR Aviation Capacity Resources Switzerland AG (ACR Switzerland), the newly established subsidiary of ACR Aviation Capacity Resources AB (ACR), a Single European Sky (SES) certified Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) has signed a “Letter of Intent” with Engadin Airport AG Switzerland (Airport and Swiss ANSP with over 10 years of experience) to provide the support and expertise in the provision of Air Traffic Services. 

Press Release – Engadin Airport Cooperation

Engadin video roundshot. Click to view!